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Health Articles > Weight Loss is Two M's Away

Weight Loss is Two M's Away

Dieting does not always have to be expensive, but it you must have your goals straight. Losing weight the natural way is two M's away from you: monitor and moderate. This might not be that easy at first, but with your goals straight, you'll be able to lose weight without the dietary pills and the surgery. However you can try Hoodia Gordonii.

First, you must monitor your food intake. Dietitians encourage people to keep food diaries to be able to keep track of the food they eat. The food diary will also provide you with the proper motivation for your weight-loss goal. In your diary, you can place a photo of your "huge" or "biggest" self to serve as a reminder of the state you would want to get out of. You can also keep track of your daily weight, put it in your diary, so that you can see the trend of your weight. In this manner, you will know whether your weight increases or decreases by the days.

It is also encouraged that you spend time to write down what kinds of food have you eaten for each meal. You must also indicate the serving size of each kind of food. If you have more time to spare and if you are serious enough in your journey to weight loss, you can also plan your meals earlier. Before you go to sleep at night, you can think about what foods you are going to consume for the next three meals of the upcoming day. You can indicate the serving size of each food, and assess whether you are going to consume a balanced diet. This can also help you assess how much calories do you take in everyday.

If your record shows that your weight does not lessen after a number of days, it means that something is wrong with your diet. With your food diary, you can go over all your past meals, assess what you have been eating and from there identify those foods which you need to lessen and those you need to consume more of.

You must remember that both quantity and quality of food that we take in count a lot. This brings us to the second M: moderation. A low-calorie diet but with high fat intake will not be healthy for you. A high-fat but low calorie diet is also not good for the body. There must always be balance in the food we eat.

Carbohydrates are important for our body, but must also be take in right amounts. Likewise, too much sugar intake has negative effects for the body such as rise in cholesterol and sugar levels. This does not completely mean that we must not eat foods with sugar or with high cholesterol, the only key is for us to eat this food in moderate amounts.

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